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Web design

Get to grips with the basics of web design to be able to build your own website from scratch.

Online marketing

Master the skills of online marketing to boost your online business and revenue yourself.

User Interface

Learn advanced design tricks such as UI (User Interface) to make your website professional and boost user engagement.

Wordpress and CMS

Learn how to use the most popular CMS platforms such as Wordpress to get you started on your website building journey.


Get new ideas

If you are looking to refresh your current website, looking to start from scratch as an e-commerce entrepreneur or want to launch a personal project online, with Online Design Made Easy you will be able to find all of the skills and knowledge you need to take on these projects yourself.

  • Suitable for both beginner and advanced levels
  • Learn the latest advancements in web design
  • Launch a new business as an e-commerce entrepreneur
  • Work with our consultants for a one-on-one bespoke learning approach
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